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I love that my job as a maternity and newborn photographer keeps me on my toes. Sometimes I’m roaming around in the great outdoors – which has me literally rolling on the ground getting the best shots – and sometimes I shoot in the private sanctuary of my studio, where the lighting is always perfect and there are zero distractions from the rest of the world.

My recent maternity shoot with Kendall was the latter scenario, and it was a downright therapeutic session. The studio was quiet and calm, and I was able to capture some insanely gorgeous images it helps that Kendall is such a babe.

I can’t get enough of the gorgeous dress and the way the light hits her bump in this shot! Stunning!

At the time of the shoot, Kendall was 8 months along, so she is due any day now. I’m so excited for you and your little one, Mom and Dad. Congratulations, again!

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